Diabetes Resources – Colorado

American Diabetes Association – Colorado – This page is dedicated to the resources that are available in the Colorado area.  It lists out activities and events geared toward Diabetics of all ages.

Colorado Kids with Diabetes – This page which is dedicated to information for children with diabetes, provides information for parents to assist them in knowing the state guidelines, information you need for school nurses, toolkits for your family and healthcare provider, and much more.

CDPHE Diabetes Resource Guide –  This guide, provided by the state, lists out local diabetes resources to the state of Colorado, as well as resources throughout the United States.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Information – There are certain conditions associated with Diabetes that the state will approve SSI benefits for.  There are separate guidelines for children and adults.  Please see the additional information below for the Endocrine guidelines.

Diabetes Sisters – This is a website dedicated to Woman with diabetes.  There are POD (Part of Diabetes sister’s) Meet-Ups.  The list is broken down by state.  Diabetes Sisters focuses on the emotional and peer support that woman with diabetes need, as well as providing resources and events to gather together for support.

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