New Day, New Challenges

Carter 9.2014Carter has been struggling these past two weeks with sickness, and has been going through the typical 2-year-old behaviors.  He’s extra sensitive, and needy which makes it difficult to effectively manage his Diabetes.  Everything is a fight with him lately, it’s been exhausting.

We also recently found out that we are expecting our third child, and being that I am in my first trimester, I am extra tired and my nerves are worn thin.  Yet I realize that within his growth, there will be many stages of his acceptance.  As he gets older, he will need to process his care with each new realization he receives regarding what all is involved.  The more his understanding grows, the more he has to process.

Since he is much older today than he was when he was diagnosed, he is able to let me know when he is feeling low, when he needs a snack, when he needs his blood checked, and when he is high, by letting me know he’s very thirsty.  With his age I am grateful at his level of understanding, and am impressed with how keenly he is tuned to his needs.

Carter has needed extra love and attention lately, and Ashleigh has seen him receiving that and therefore has needed extra love too.  There are days I feel sucked dry, after all I am only one person, and at times I feel as though I don’t have much left to give.  But it’s in these times that I realize how much we have achieved and I also realize how I have taken for granted the growth Carter has had.

I remember longing for the day that he was able to effectively communicate his needs to me, we are now there.  It’s a small glimpse and reminder that the struggles and frustrations we go through today will be resolved and a thing of the past come tomorrow.

So though with a new day comes new challenges, we have become victorious in navigating through the trials and finding the solutions in order to grow through and learn the ways to avoid the pitfalls that Diabetes offers.  I find peace in knowing that with each new challenge, it’s going to help Carter, and us as a family grow even further then we are today.  Our immense feelings of being overwhelmed are slowly becoming a thing of the past, and Carter’s ownership of his needs and diabetic management are growing.

Hopeful, is one word I never believed I would use when talking about Type 1 Diabetes, especially as it pertained to my son.  Yet today I feel extremely hopeful that with the growth of his communication and understanding, these challenges will fade and we will continue to move onward and upward.


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