Success Through Vigilance

PurposeI came across some old photographs late this afternoon and there were a few of Carter 3 weeks before his diagnosis.  It’s amazing how at first glance, I see the success we have obtained through our vigilance.  Carter is so healthy now, and completely thriving.  He acts like a typical 2-year-old and that is all thanks to the wonderful staff of doctors who have embraced my family and worked so hard to guide us through this trying first year of his diagnosis.

The pictures from those short few weeks before he was diagnosed are heart breaking for me, of course as I look at them now, knowing what I know about Type 1, I see so clearly the problem.   Through mercy, we survived, and now I am blessed to have my happy healthy two-year-old son who craves life and lives it to the fullest.

If I would have been told back in November 2013 when Carter was diagnosed, the amount of vigilance I was to have in order to properly manage his diabetes I wouldn’t have believed it, and would have also been completely overwhelmed.

The fact of the matter is that this disease certainly is manageable, but it’s a 24 hour job, constantly.  The great news is that in a short time, a routine is developed and there isn’t much deviation from the original routine.  It’s amazing how our brains take on the new task effortlessly, when a daunting task involves keeping your child healthy, we find ways to be successful.

I am so grateful for the medical team who has been along with us on this journey to Carter’s complete recovery and the rebuilding of his health.  Looking at our success through our vigilance, I am humbled by all I have learned in these short 9 months.

In an effort to encourage any new families who are faced with the schedule changes, and the terror that feels immense during the first few weeks following a diagnosis, please believe it gets better with time.  Healing begins, and you as a family find the best ways to manage the care your child requires.  Also know that the joy and esteem you will feel with every positive accomplishment helps make things easier.

Take things minute by minute at first, then day by day, and so on.  Find outlets to vent, cry, get angry, but always find the way to find solace, happiness, and trust within yourself, because we have all been called to be parents of Type 1 Diabetics.  We are capable, and we, and our children were born to make an impact!

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