My Dearest Ashleigh

Me and Ashleigh on my Birthday. - May 25, 2014
Me and Ashleigh on my Birthday. – May 25, 2014

My dearest Ashleigh, I wish you knew how special you truly are.  I wish there were a way to help you understand the magnitude of your presence in our lives, what you do for your daddy, your brother and me all day, everyday.  I never knew, when you were born the shoes you were to fill and how I would rely on you so much throughout each day.  You are always there for me no matter what.  Most days it’s just the hug you see I need that lifts me higher than you could ever imagine, other days it’s the way you run to get the juice I need to help Carter with a low he is experiencing.

I am in awe of your kind spirit and loving heart, I am amazed at your processing of this intrusion into our lives.  You have been the best big sister a person could ask for, and your brother is continually in debt to your adoration of him.  You are a companion, a caregiver, a motivator, and all-in-all a wonderful human being.

I am blessed to have you by my side, and adore watching you and your brother play together.  You have shown Carter the joys of life, even through all the sorrow.  You stepped up to the plate when I couldn’t because I was crippled by grief.  My precious baby girl, you have a strength that I admire.  Your keen conscientiousness not only makes you a wonderful daughter and sister, but will make you a wonderful friend, wife, and mother.

I am lucky to call you my daughter, and hope one day I can show you the joy you are to me, and how without you I would be so empty.  I thank you for your patience with me as I struggle to find the best ways to express the emotions that rage inside while caring for your brother.  As you learn about life, you preside with immense grace.  I am fortunate to be able to spend all day with you, and am so lucky to be on the receiving end of your love.

To my daughter, my first-born, I adore you, and my love for you knows no bounds.  You are the perfect gift from God, and I am blessed to be your mother.   You are so selfless, and giving, and Carter and I are better people for knowing you.

All My Love,


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