What Diabetes Has Taught Me

A month and a half's worth of used needles.
A month and a half’s worth of used needles.

When I look back on these past seven months, it’s easy to see what was taken from me.  A normal childhood for Carter, worry free days, sleep, that I forget to focus on what was given to me.  When I look at what Diabetes has taught me in this short amount of time,  I see life through new eyes.

When I think back to diagnosis, I am grateful for my son’s life first and foremost, but I am also grateful for the journey we have had to maneuver through in order to be where we are today.

I have learned to never take anything for granted, I have learned the true meaning of vigilance, and advocate, and have a cause worthy of educating people about.  I have learned how to be patient, how to be still, and find the joy in the small blessings, like a number under 150 but above 80.

I stopped taking my health for granted and watch more closely the eating habits of my family, I learned how to be tolerant of those around me who minimize the care my son’s life is reliant upon.  I have learned to always hug and say I love you.  I’ve learned to appreciate life and all it has to offer.

I’ve learned to allow my children to find growth as they process Diabetes in their own ways.  How to allow them the space to let everything sink in, for however long it takes them.  I’ve stopped focusing on how much I hate Diabetes, and have started focusing on what a gift each day is.

Waking up and viewing my day as another learning opportunity has completely shifted the way I live.  This doesn’t mean I don’t have horrid days where everything goes wrong and I hate what our days have to offer, it just means that once something so precious is almost taken from you, it changes your perspective.

Diabetes has taught me to live in the now and be grateful even in the midst of my hardest days.  It has given me the gift of seeing the forest through the trees and another reason to hug my kids all throughout the day!

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