The Birthday Dinner

IMG_0417Given that it’s Carter’s birthday, we decided to go to dinner after being at Disneyland all day. Sitting at the table, I gave Carter his shot of insulin and the moment I put the needle back in his bag a different waitress was standing in front of our table. I looked up and she offered me a high-five, as I high-fived her she said she was a T1 Mom herself and she admired my courage dosing Carter at the table.

We began talking and she let me know her son was 10 and has T1 and was diagnosed at 7 years old.  It’s so amazing how the Type 1 Diabetic community always finds a way to connect.  It’s the type 1 Diabetic community, especially online who has been there for me through thick and thin throughout this whole ordeal I have been living for the past 6 months.   It was wonderful to be able to speak one on one with another T1 Mom and connect on a level that others don’t understand.  It was even more special to get accolades for owning this disease that tends to debilitate others.

I found immense comfort in the validation and recognition of the effort that I put into this everyday.  When the harsh reality is that every night, I get 2 short naps in between the blood checking and glucose regulating that happens when everyone else is sleeping.  We as T1 parents do all of this gladly, knowing it enables survival.

I find conversing with other Type 1 Diabetic parents so refreshing, there is an unspoken understanding that we share, and an understanding of how hard life really can be.  I wear the kudos as a badge of honor, and a testament of my son’s health.  On my son’s 2nd birthday, I found it wonderful that he was showered with recognition and praise for the battle he is winning with every minute of everyday, from another mom who has a complete understanding of what our days are like.  The diabetic community is amazing, and I am so lucky to be a part of it!

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