My Slice of Heaven

lionBecause life isn’t busy enough for us with a four-year-old,  an almost 2-year-old who has Type 1 Diabetes, two jobs, and college, my husband and I have decided to open our own business.  Through the hustle to get the tenant improvement construction done (most of which we are doing by ourselves) and getting everything set up for our June 7th Grand opening, and planning my son’s 2nd birthday which falls on June 1st, I have found it difficult to take joy in the little things life has to offer.  Mostly because I am unbelievably exhausted, and these days I long for sleep in a way I haven’t since my children were infants.  Every part of my body aches, and due to being so busy with renovations, and working, and my classes, and diabetes management, I have found that this past week we ate out 3 times.  Doing so made Carter’s numbers spike, last night he had a bedtime reading of 500 and we ate El Pollo Loco, how could chicken do that to him?  So tonight I cooked again and numbers were fine.  It’s more affirmation that an immense part of this diabetes management thing is the nutrition.  Though when eating out we didn’t eat poorly, it is still not home cooking.

So today we got back to the sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, and whole foods and the difference was a welcome relief.  But the most wonderful is yet to come, I am sitting in anticipation of the meteor shower we can expect tonight, which is a reminder of the wonderful world that we live in.  It’s almost like God looked down and saw that I needed a reminder to stop and smell the roses, and shower down my own little slice of heaven.  It’s difficult most days to remember that there is life outside of our four walls, our day can get consumed with number monitoring and getting back into the regular park outings and our out-door life is what is going to regulate not only our moods, but Carter’s blood sugars as well.  From the bottom of my heart I hope everyone who is able to get out and look for the meteor shower and stand in awe at creation.  It’s a small reminder that though our days are difficult, we don’t walk through them alone.

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