DOC Blog Week

It was such an honor to participate in the diabetes blog week this past week.  It is amazing how the Diabetic Online Community has become like an extended family to me in so many ways.   I find it so wonderful that I know I always have people who understand what I am going through at every moment of my son’s diagnosis.  I have relied on the DOC so often in the past five months as I desperately worked to navigate through this Type 1 Diabetes lifestyle.

When I look back at this week, my absolute favorite part was having so many blogs to choose from and immerse myself with.  One of the best aspects for me was the variation of writings, I was able to find other mothers who blog about their day-to-day lives with their T1 children, but was also able to get a view into the future and hear from the other side.  Adults who have successfully managed their diabetes and are thriving and enjoying their lives and accomplishing so much in spite of.

This week, the biggest thing I have received is encouragement at all of the inspiring Type 1 Diabetics who selflessly function all day, every day and champion the day-to-day tasks they have to in order to survive.

To say I am inspired by the diabetic community would be an understatement, I am humbled daily by the courage and determination that is required to shoulder this disease.  It takes the strongest to survive and not only survive but find joy.  I have been given a gift this week, learning how the adults with T1 manage, and the permission to be human and voice how some days really suck!

A huge thank you goes out to Karen Graffeo at for putting this wonderful week together, and for extending the invitation to so many of us.

I am so grateful for the friends I have made since my son’s diagnosis, and know that I can make it through every situation diabetes throws our way when I have the DOC to lean on!

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