Our Diabetes Snapshots

Juvenile Diabetes
Our Son Carter and I post diagnosis in the hospital with his first bottle of milk

When I look at these four pictures, there are two that signify the beginning of our journey, they are both pictures from Carter in the Intensive Care Unit.  Those moments show Carter struggling to regain control and stabilize his body.  It was a hectic and terrifying four days that are still really fresh in my memory.  But the wonderful part is the other two pictures, that were taken last week and show Carter taking ownership of his testing gear, and one of Ashleigh administering a shot for her brother.

Carter's first night in the PICU - November 20, 2013
Carter’s first night in the PICU – November 20, 2013

It is such amazing truth that with effort this is an immensely manageable disease, and with family involvement we can conquer anything.  Having embraced the changes we endured, and working together we have found a workable means to get through each day, and we all support each other.  There are days when Ashleigh is down because of Diabetes, and other days when it’s me or Greg who is so fiercely effected by what we watch Carter go through multiple times a day in order to stay healthy.  When these days occur, the strong ones for the day lift the weaker ones up.  Working up to the point we are at now, five months in,  I look back and am completely aware of the growing pains we went through which makes our acceptance now that much more sweet.

IMG_0278We have been through every range of emotion, every sense of denial, and here have a son who is three tenths of a point away from a perfect A1C reading for his age.  I have been blessed beyond measure with an amazing extended family who supports me and is there for my children in ways I never would have imagined.  When you have children you envision their get away with their grandparents, or aunts and uncles, but those visions never include a backpack filled with life saving devices.  My family has been so wonderful and has jumped in to get trained on what taking care of Carter now requires and have been trained on shot administration and carb counting, and insulin measuring.  Knowing that I have an extension of me to care for my children gives me peace and great comfort.

Ashleigh administering Carter's insulin - May 2014
Ashleigh administering Carter’s insulin – May 2014

The best part is seeing the smiles my son now gives for photos and knowing those are truly genuine and heartfelt.  Moving forward is wonderful, but looking back at how far you have come, is invaluable.

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