Facts of T1 Life


You take the highs, you take the lows, you take them both and there you have a hectic life! The real fact of the matter is that the only thing consistent within Type 1 Diabetes, is inconsistency.  Tonight I checked Carter at dinner and his blood sugar was 300, I dosed him and he ate a great dinner, then checked him at bedtime and his blood sugar was 52.  Yet with that 52, there weren’t any behavioral differences in Carter, nothing to indicate that he was running so low.  After I checked his blood and rushed to get him some applesauce and milk, he went to bed.  When it comes to diabetes I’m either jogging or sprinting,  I am always rushing to do something.  Carter is so patient as I run through the list of fixes for the current stage of diabetes the decides to show itself in that moment.  Most days are OK, still somehow plagued with at least one high and one low.  The most frustrating aspect is that there isn’t a magic formula, this up and down scenario will be constant.  Managing Type 1 Diabetes is ever changing, and requires constant patience and manipulation.  The real facts pertaining to living with Type 1, is to always expect the unexpected, and through it all find the positive when you can.  The reality is that there aren’t enough hours in the day to grieve the frustrations that diabetes hurls at you, so you take your licks and decompress when you can.  Finding a healthy outlet for the frustration helps.  We now all go on family walks and hikes when things begin to get too stressful, most times a change of scenery is the fix we desperately need.  The facts are a Type 1 Diagnosis feels like an impossible hurdle to get over, yet with dedication, perseverance, patience, and the realization that these moments will pass, allow you to get through each day.  Hold steadfast to the strength it requires to get through each day, and trust that it eases up at some point, at least for a little and most often it’s a much needed break.  Diabetes is not for the faint of heart, and requires a strength and determination that I didn’t know I had, until it effected my baby.  So the fact remains, when given the challenge we can find the strength to get through it.  We have to believe in ourselves to accomplish it, and when we do, there isn’t a feeling better than knowing that they fight we had in us was enough!

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