How Time Heals After a Diabetes Diagnosis

Me and Ashleigh - November 2013
Me and Ashleigh – November 2013

This picture was taken 3 days before Carter was diagnosed, I had taken Ashleigh to Disneyland on a Mommy/Daughter date since we had been stuck inside for 3 days with Carter who was sick.  Thinking it was just a flu my husband stayed at home with Carter while Ashleigh and I broke out of the building.  For months I remember looking at this picture and viewing it as evidence of my last “free” night.  The last time I would be able to exist without thinking of Diabetes, or blood sugar, basically the last time we were living normal lives.  This picture, though a great moment for me and Ashleigh, would grieve me when I used to look at it.  I was stuck in sadness for so long after my son’s diagnosis.  Though I pushed through everyday, there was still the underlying devastation.  Now I look at this picture and see how much we have all grown.  I never thought  would see the day when life, which now encompasses diabetes management, would get easier.  We thankfully, have turned that corner and I am so grateful.  My son has a newfound acceptance of his new life responsibility, and knows that he has the full support of me, his Dad, and his Sister.  With the three of us behind him, he can conquer anything.  I have learned so much, though mostly through trial and error, and the learning curve has become easier.  Working hard to find the positive is difficult at first, but here at five months in its easier for me to find.  We have stretched further than I ever believed we could, and have found ways to find joys in the smallest things.  It’s amazing how time really does heal all, and perspectives change.  Now instead of longing for what our life was, I look forward to our future, especially Carter’s.  There most certainly will be rough days ahead, but with the improvement we have experienced and the lessons we have learned, I am confident that we will prevail no matter what circumstance we are given.  I am now able to view pre-diagnosis pictures in the positive light they were meant to have, and Type 1 Diabetes no longer robs me of joy, I have taken my power back.

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