Carter the Brave

Carter, administering his first shot. - April 2014
Carter, administering his first shot. – April 2014

Look at my brave little boy, sitting on his Daddy’s lap and plunging the insulin into his leg himself for his dinnertime dose.  I am so proud of his bravery, he was so intrigued with the shot and what it was doing that he took it upon himself to push the plunger down.  We made such a production about him doing the shot himself, that he now wants to do it all the time.  I love having positive times like this, especially when it revolves around one of the nastiest parts of Type 1 Diabetes management, the shots.  I never doubted, that when it came down to it, as he aged, that Carter wouldn’t take control and maintain his diabetes like a pro.  I find it extremely comforting and wonderful that he is already, only five months in, and at only 22 months of age, taking control.  When he was finished he got down and walked over to the table ready to eat dinner, all the while beaming with pride at his accomplishment.  The end of today was the reward that we have been waiting for.  Carter’s voluntary acceptance and understanding of what diabetes management means, and taking matters into his own hands.  Tonight, I sit filled with comfort given to me by my handsome little boy, who despite this scary disease proves time and time again that he overcomes.  One of the many hurdles that I had dreaded dealing with, all fell into place today without even a thought from me.  My son is beginning to look after himself and the best part about this , is after he was done he walked up to me and longed for a hug.  Almost as if to tell me that he still needs me, I am filled with joy, pride, relief, and astonishment toward my baby boy who never ceases to amaze me with his growth.

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