First Diabetic Easter, A Success!

We did it!  We made it through our first diabetic Easter and it was a success!  Today was one of those days when I let Carter somewhat forget he has Type 1 Diabetes, and he was able to eat candy and fun things in the celebration of Easter.  Basically he was allowed to be a kid.  I am a firm believer in the severe maintenance of blood sugars and insulin and  I respect the regime that keeps my son alive, however, I also want Carter to have some times when he enjoys being a child.  I just managed behind the scenes and added more insulin to cover the treats he was consuming to his little hearts content.  What Carter didn’t know was that I had a tally on a piece of paper that was telling me how many mini chocolates he was consuming so I could adjust his insulin.  He ran with Ashleigh this morning to grab eggs that were hidden all over, and would shriek with excitement when he would break the plastic open to find a mini snickers or three musketeers.  Once all the fun morning festivities were done, I gave him some water and he had some eggs and bacon.   The joy I witnessed through my son’s face today was worth the extra 2 units he needed in order to regulate his glucose.  He was elated with the freedom had, and I was overjoyed watching him in his carefree state racing his sister to get to the eggs first.  For a moment I longed for this time last year, months before his diagnosis, but quickly realized that I would still have to endure the inevitable.  I am happy with where we are today, managing this disease better with each day, relying on our experience and the fixes we have learned through the failures.  Tonight at our Easter celebration, we watched Carter run, and laugh, and talk up a storm to his Grandma and Grandpa, Aunts and Uncles, and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of watching my healthy strong little boy describe his joy.  I was a bit worried about our first holiday that revolved so much around candy, and we made it through with flying colors.  Carter never peaked anywhere near 300, yet he still had an amazing day.  Tomorrow we will go back to regimented carb counting, but for today, it was wonderful to allow Carter the freedom to enjoy the holiday and know that through it we all came out ahead!

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