A1C Success Among Adversity


We had a small victory today, we found out that Carter’s A1C is 8.3, and are able to celebrate A1C success among the adversity we have been dealing with lately.  The goal for Carter is to be anywhere under 8.0, we are almost there, and for the first time in almost 5 months I finally feel like I can breathe.  Carter’s A1C was 10.8 when he was diagnosed in November 2013, and 9.3 in January.  Hearing this news today allowed me to feel a sense of accomplishment and have a small victory.  Carter is growing perfectly and overall is being managed well and even though days go by and I feel like the efforts I am putting in are futile, today it was proven that it is not.  I was so pleased to see his exceptional growth, weight gain, and A1C results.  It feels like I passed the most important final I have ever taken.  Driving to the appointment today, Greg and I were talking about how we are stuck in the memories from our first trip to Rady’s when we were terrified the whole 2 hour drive, arriving behind our air lifted 17-month-old son.  Walking into the clinic today, I smelled the hand sanitizer they use and it placed me right back into the Intensive Care Unit.  But today we watched our son laughing and playing in the exam room, and get through his A1C blood check like the brave boy he is.  There have been so many hard days in these past 4.5 months, but today was a welcome change, happiness and relief we have been longing for.  Greg and I remembered our first thought back in November when we were desperately trying to wrap our heads around the news we had just received.  I remember praying the Halloween candy he ate a few weeks prior had thrown his numbers out of whack.  In my naiveté, I was desperate to protect my heart from the devastating truth.  I grasped at so many scenarios the week of his diagnosis, not quite ready to accept that my son had Type 1 Diabetes.  Looking at how far we have come, how much we have learned and what we have gained in these past 4.5 months, when leaving the clinic I took an extra deep breath in an effort to change the memory associated with the hand sanitizer.  We left Rady’s Children’s Hospital today laughing, a first!  The hope is that with each trip to the clinic, we are able to shift our memories to positive ones.  I loved the reassurance we received today, and knowing that my son is, and has been, successfully on the mend.  Tonight I will happily sit in the positivity of today, and I will revisit the news from today when I feel frustrated with the next trials that diabetes hurls our way.  We are overcomers, fighters, and exceptionally grateful tonight.

4 thoughts on “A1C Success Among Adversity”

  1. Thankyou for an inspirational post! Our son was diagnosed just over two months ago and we are working hard to restore our lives back to normal. It is good to hear that it is possible to laugh while leaving the clinic.

    1. Hi Eve, I am so glad you found inspiration. I remember a few months ago how overwhelmed I still felt. You will find large pieces of your old life again, it just comes with bringing insulin with you. Laughter and fun begin again when you least expect it. I will be praying for you, and am so glad you are reaching out for support, that is the only thing that has gotten me through. 🙂

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