Walking for a Cure

JDRF Walk - 4.514
JDRF Walk – 4.514

It was an amazing day, we joined JDRF, San Diego in walking for a cure for Diabetes.  I loved the event, as did Carter and Ashleigh.  The kids were able to jump in a bounce house, and color, do arts and crafts, and Greg and I were able to talk with other diabetic parents.  JDRF put such a wonderful walk together, and it was wonderful to be able to meet more parents that have been a part of the support system I have come to rely on.  Today was such a welcome distraction from the crazy blood sugars Carter has ben having lately, not to mention the doctors appointments we have been inundated with this past week.  I felt I could finally breath, being around like-minded people who understand where I am mentally, physically, and emotionally.  I can honestly say that the friends I have made within the Diabetic Community are friends for life.  To be able to lay your heart out and have someone know the exact emotions you are going through is a treasure.  In speaking with another parent of a T1, I find I finally have the ability to let my guard down, and just be.  No explanations, no façade, just to be able to have someone listen to you and say “I know what you are going through!”, makes all the difference.  I am continually validated and supported, it’s a wonderful feeling.  Carter was beside himself with excitement at the opportunity to be running next to the diabetic alert dogs, and Ashleigh was ecstatic to be around the other kids and her aunts and uncles and other family that so selflessly came out to support Carter and all the other Type 1 Diabetics who were walking for their own strides toward a cure.  It’s so wonderful to be able to get together and feel like one huge extended family with the other T1D’s in our area.  I am so fortunate to have found the online community, and would encourage anyone who is dealing with a new diagnosis to reach out, the interaction I have with the DOC (diabetic online community) is a lifesaver, and I receive the best advice from people who have been managing either their own T1 for over 20+ years, or parents who have successfully managed their child’s T1D and are a wealth of information.  Today, as we crossed over the starting line, the MC walked up to us and gave Carter a high-five and announced him and his plight over the microphone.  It’s in those moments that I realize the enormity that my son manages everyday, and I wonder when it will cease to affect me so deeply.  As I got my emotions in check, and watched my little boy run freely I felt some of the holes in my heart mend as I was able to interact with some of the other T1D parents, and watch Ashleigh running with her brother through the finish line and beam with pride at her accomplishment.  Today was a wonderful day, surrounded by family and friends who support me and my immediate family in ways they could never understand.  I am so proud and blessed to have been a part of the JDRF – Type 1 Diabetes Walk for a Cure today, and look forward to the new ways we can get involved to help us all get one step closer to a cure that we all so desperately need.

For more information on JDRF, and how you can assist in finding a cure, visit http://jdrf.org/

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