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Today I was lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time.  I was able to connect and be a part of the FDA Patient Network Live chat.  The chat today was discussing the accuracy of and basic issues that surround the blood glucose monitors, as well as the continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGM’s).  Personally, I have found it very frustrating trying to get enough blood out of Carter’s fingers in order to get a reading through his OneTouch blood glucose monitor.  I feel as though the one-size-fits-all approach made by insurance companies isn’t the right approach.  I find it interesting that we forget we actually have voices when it comes to our care.  I found it very informative, and was encouraged that we get involved and put our comments on the FDA website in order to advocate change.  Being only 4 months in, I find that I have been trying to survive day-to-day operations.  It was a nice reminder that we can contact the FDA in the hopes that we will be heard and some significant changes as it pertains to diabetes care will be made.   I’ve had a successful love/hate relationship with the blood glucose monitoring systems since Carter’s diagnosis.  I know that we are way more advanced these days then say in the 1970’s, however, how can the accuracy rate still be about the same in 2014 as it was in the 1990’s?  One would think that since the blood glucose monitoring system works in conjunction with the insulin in saving lives, that more work would be done to allow a better margin of accuracy.  I am hopeful that with the diabetic community banding together as one to speak up for the changes we need to see in order to manage this disease better, some changes will be made.  Especially for the newly diagnosed babies, raising children is hard enough, then throw diabetes into the mix and overwhelming hits a new high.  I encourage anyone and everyone to go to the links below and comment about changes you would like to see made, and suggest other ways that managing diabetes could be made easier, the FDA has extended the time frame for comments to May 7, 2014.  Lets use our voices to more effectively combat diabetes!



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  1. Thanks for joining in. FDA says they will make the conversation available for those who missed it or part of it.

    I hope everyone listening shares there views.

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