Exhaustion is the Name of the Game


When it comes to being the caregiver for a Type 1 Diabetic child, exhaustion is the name of the game.  I hadn’t thought too much about this dilemma, until I saw this wonderful post written by Scott Benner, listing out the signs.  It is a magnificently written post, that touches on the real life feelings and signs we as Type 1 parents go through.  I hadn’t realized the extent of the exhaustion I have been going through until I read this post.  I relate with all of these signs whole heartedly, and found the humor that I was desperately searching for this morning, after I had been up 4 times last night with Carter, all for diabetic reasons.  We pour ourselves into this disease for our children’s sake, neglecting ourselves daily.   Our children are so worth it, but I love the warning as it pertains to dealings with T1 parents.  Well written and right on point!



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