Diabetes Alert Day

Diabetes-Alert-Day-2014I have learned something new today, today is diabetes alert day.  This day is advocated by the American Diabetes Association, and is a day of awareness.  The fourth Tuesday on March is designated as the diabetes alert day and encourages everyone to take a short risk test, to assess who is possibly at risk for Type 2 Diabetes.   I find it so interesting how I notice everything diabetes related since Carter’s diagnosis.  I believe knowledge is power, and taking 5 minutes to educate yourself on the risks and ways to prevent Type 2 Diabetes is beneficial.  Another wonderful resource for diabetes (type 1 and type 2) is located on the Stop Diabetes website.  These days, with ever-changing technology, and information it’s good to continually check up on the research being done in an effort to stop and cure both types of diabetes.  Seeing first hand how devastating these diseases can be, it behooves everyone to learn what they can and take the necessary steps for prevention.  I encourage everyone to get out there and take the risk assessment located at the link within this post.  I think today should also be a day of reflection for those who are living day-to-day with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.  Life is a struggle without the hassle of a disease that needs to be continually managed, I am continually shown the courage, strength, determination, and sacrifice that my son has, living with Type 1.  The statistics shown of those who are living with diabetes and don’t know it are staggering.  Carter lived with Type 1 for a time and we had no idea, I wish we would have in order to have spared him some of the initial grief associated with his diagnosis.  Take today to educate yourself, find out your risk, and show some extra love and kindness for those in your life who are living and managing diabetes.

Happy Diabetes Alert Day!

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