How to Find the Positive

Carter in the Foam Pit - March 2014
Carter in the Foam Pit – March 2014

Some days are so difficult and I have to fight and remind myself how to find the positive in the midst of my circumstances. Carter’s blood sugar levels have been a struggle lately, he has been running low lately and I have had to correct a lot of low numbers. The worst of the lows being at night-time. It seems the second I sit down to relax, something tells me to go up and check my boy, inevitably I will check him and he will be under 80. With the aggravation and frustration that carries, I end most days feeling discouraged. But then, in a cycle, when I need the positive reinforcement the most, I get a day like we had yesterday. Relatively great numbers, which is reflective in Carter’s behavior. He is happy, and joyful because he actually feels good for a change. I watched my children play and let loose at a trampoline park not far from my house. No inhibitions, just being able to run free and jump around, which enabled him to eat extra snacks.  I was able to sneak in and get a picture of him lounging in the foam pit, loving life.  My son is so healthy and happy, and reminds me everyday about positivity, and joy in spite of.  My son had endured more in these past four months then I have in my 33 years of life.  My son and daughter charged this foam pit like they charged this diagnosis, no holds barred and jumped right in.  No fear, no thought of consequences, just jump right in.  Through the annoyance and intrusion, my children have taught me how to overcome in a way I never knew before.  We take the sucky moments and replace them with the happiest times.  I am so inspired watching my children not allow anything to stop them or keep them down.   It was an amazing day at the trampoline park, where his activity was rewarded with 3 squares of a Hershey bar.  I feel so encouraged when the positive shines through no matter what the circumstances, it makes my job all that much more gratifying.   So when I am feeling exceptionally down, I remember these good times and look at pictures as a reminder that this too shall pass and before I know it I will be finding the positive again.

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