The Benefits of Diabetic Support

I remember being terrified while standing in the hospital and realizing that my son would now be insulin dependent. I asked when he could get on a pump, in order to spare myself from having to inject him with the insulin, therefore not having to poke him with a needle. I remember in that same moment realizing that I wouldn’t be getting a sitter for my kids for at least 5 years, until Carter was either on a pump or administering his own shots.  I didn’t dream of burdening my family with having to give Carter shots.  Yesterday I had an accident, where I fell down the stairs while holding both of my children. My right knee bent the wrong way on the slide down, and I heard a POP! It was in that moment that I fully gained the benefit of diabetic support. I have trained members of my family on how to care for Carter, but I personally haven’t been at the comfort level of leaving him in anyone’s care. Though I completely trust my mom and sisters to care for my children whole heartedly, I just hadn’t been ready to leave him. Now, presented with not being able to walk, I had no choice. I called my Mom late last night and asked her if she would be able to come over the next day in order to help me with the kids and explained what had happened. My mother, the wonderful woman that she is, dropped everything to help me. She came and stayed with me all day today until my husband came home, and helped me with Carter and Ashleigh. I was apprehensive about allowing anyone else to care for my diabetic son, maybe it was fear, maybe it’s the control freak in me, but being placed in a position where I was desperate for the help made me realize how much I really needed it. Both of my sisters have stepped up and learned what it means to take care of Carter and I know in a pinch or a desperate need they would be here in an instant administering shots, counting carbs, and wiping tears in the event that I couldn’t. As I recover, I am lucky enough to have a family that comes to my aid and jumps in the trenches when I need them. I would encourage any family who doesn’t have an extended back up system in place, to train family members who live close by. God forbid anything major should happen where you or your spouse are unable to properly take care of your diabetic child, it really takes a weight off your shoulders knowing you have someone in the pipe to give you the much-needed diabetic support of knowing how to dose and measure insulin, measure carbs, check blood glucose etc. My day went exceptionally smooth, thanks to the efforts of my mom who not only came and cared for my children, but also cared for her child who, for the time being is disabled. So to her I say, Thanks Mom! You’re the best mom a person could have, and I’m lucky you are mine!

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