Fighting a Low

Fighting a low - March 2014
Fighting a low – March 2014

This is what fighting a low looks like in my house. At lunch time today I checked Carter’s blood and his glucose level was 62. I offered him some yogurt, he only ate two spoonful’s, I then offered a Oreo, not interested, I then offered some fruit snacks, spit it out. Finally I held him down and shoved a teaspoon of honey in his mouth. Then he wanted the Oreo, I guess he felt he deserved it after all that. He ate the whole Oreo, I waited 15 minutes and checked his blood glucose again he was now at 80. Since he was at least within the normal range I then dosed him 2 units of insulin for his 32 gram of carbohydrate lunch of Chicken Dino’s, fruit and veggie juice and some mac and cheese. It’s amazing how after fighting a low, one feels as though they have just completed a relay race, alone. I need another 3 cups of coffee after that dilemma, and I can only imagine the amount of cortisol that is now careening through my body. No wonder I am exhausted, as I clean up the immense amount of test strips and pile of food I clambered with in order to raise Carter’s blood sugar, I now look over at my two children laughing and eating their lunches. I listen to Ashleigh, explaining to her brother how he needs to cooperate and not be disobedient and help me with his blood sugar. Pretty interesting conversation from the same four-year-old who I basically have to take privileges away from in order for her to eat her whole meal. But for now I am enjoying her lesson lecture to him. It’s in these moments when I wonder when things will get easier and perhaps they never will, I believe diabetes is just one set of challenges after the other. We just learn to manage through the troublesome times, and make the best of them. I now look at the log sheet I have for Carter and see what he actually ate for lunch, only to see: 1 Oreo, 2 tsp. Yogurt, 1 Juice Box, 2 Chicken Dino’s, 1/4 cup mac and cheese, 1 tsp. Honey. Lunch of champions, at least I can try to sneak in some nutritious options at dinner. Right now, I need a nap!

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