Wonderful Perspective From Fellow D-Blogger

This morning, I searched through the internet in an effort to find some online diabetic support. I came across black dogs rule, which is a blog, a wonderful blog geared around the authors dogs, who are Diabetic Alert Dogs (DAD’s as he calls them) that care for the writers daughter. The blog post from March 3, 2014, entitled “What Does Living With Diabetes Mean?”, is so well written, referencing the struggle from a parents perspective and  written with such raw emotion, I had to share it. Frank, (blog author) encompasses the feelings that all T1 parents feel and go through, and is so beautifully written. Frank also writes about other diabetes topics and discusses ways to find a perfect Diabetic Alert Dog. I encourage you to read the below post, as well as check out all his wonderful website has to offer. Thank you Frank, for your devotion to educating everyone on Alert Dogs, and for your heartfelt devotion to your daughter.

What Does Living With Diabetes Mean? – Fellow D-Blogger Frank www.blackdogsrule.com

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