The Bond of Siblings

Ashleigh and Carter 7.2013
Ashleigh and Carter 7.2013

There is nothing better, as a parent, than watching your children play and enjoy the bond of siblings.  As much as Carter loves his sister, Ashleigh adores her brother.  I took Ashleigh out for a mommy/daughter date the other week and thirty-minutes in she was saying how much she missed her brother.  It reminded me of when Carter was in the hospital upon his diagnosis, I came home 2 days later to spend some time with my daughter.  I did my best to explain what was going on, and even allowed her to sit with me on the couch late drinking hot chocolate while we watched a movie.  Around 10:30 PM Ashleigh turned to me and let me know she was ready for bed.  I carried my daughter upstairs, in our empty house since my husband and Carter were still at the Hospital, I laid her down in her bed and covered her up.  About 45 minutes later I heard her walking down the hall.  I walked out of my room to find her laying in Carter’s bed.  I asked her what she was doing, through her sleepiness she told me she missed her brother and wanted to sleep in his bed.  I tucked her in, and remember standing in the doorway of my son’s room, as I watched my daughter sleeping in his bed, realized that this house and our lives would never be the same.  Those thoughts could not have been more true, yet now I view the whole situation differently then I did that night.  I believe now, we enjoy every moment, never taking anything for granted.  My family is so devoted to each other,  I can’t imagine going through my day without the comfort and support of my husband, my daughter, or my son.  These days, joy is easier to find, I find it in every breath we take.  I enjoy watching the strength of the bond that my children share with each other.  I love that when not in the presence of each other, my children miss and long for each other.  I love when I am putting my children to bed at night, after brushing their teeth, my son will climb into bed with his sister and they will hug and cuddle.  I may feel as though I produce many shortcomings throughout each day, everyday, yet when I look at the bond that my children have with each other, I see something that is wonderful.  With the grace of God, I have been successful in guiding an unconditional love between my children, where they lean on each other and grow with each other.  As sucky as this diagnosis is, I find that it has brought out a love we didn’t even know existed.   Nothing brings me more joy than watching my children play and enjoy each other, we have had a lot of that lately.  Especially due to the rains we have been experiencing here in CA, it’s been so wonderful to watch my kids laugh and play together.  If I have a positive from this whole diagnosis, it is that we have been forced to lean on each other and create a deeper love and understanding of each other in my wonderful immediate family.  I am so enriched daily by my interactions with my children and husband, and am blessed beyond belief, that through this endeavor we have bonded together, and have the ability to watch the bond of siblings grow continually between my children.

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