The Diabetes Germ

The Diabetes Germ - Ashleigh - 2.2014
The Diabetes Germ – Ashleigh – 2.2014

This, according to my four-year-old daughter, is what the Diabetes germ looks like.  This is what she believes has infected her brother and what gave him Type 1 Diabetes and is making him sick.  As I watch my daughter process this whole thing in her own way, I am impressed at her level of understanding.   At four, she has a better concept of what Diabetes is all about, than most adults I speak to.  I am encouraged by her level of awareness, and the fact that she is so in tune with her brother’s needs.  Ashleigh is the best helper and it makes me happy that she has found her own outlet in order to adjust to things.  Especially these days when I feel as though I am stretched so thin, between working part-time, managing Carter, getting them into the pediatrician, sitting up through the night while Carter get’s his two-year molars in, and now Carter has a rash which appears to be a food allergy.  A food allergy to what, I don’t know.  It is getting difficult these days not allowing the frustration to consume me, and it’s even harder not to let my aggravation infiltrate my time with my children.  I do my best, and once they go down for the night I am ready to go to bed myself.  It’s hard to convey the pressure and anxiety that is associated with the responsibility of taking care of a diabetic child.  Then add-on another child and life feels pretty overwhelming, I am grateful to have an amazing daughter who helps me through my days.  Ashleigh has been such a source of comfort, as she keeps me smiling and laughing throughout the day.  Carter adores his big sister, and will climb into her lap and snuggle with her when he needs extra love and I am occupied.  My hope every night is that tomorrow will be better than the last 24 hour period we just had, some things do get better, while lately with every new day, new challenges appear.  However, with everyday that passes my children get older and gain more experience, and I do as well.  I am blessed to have two intelligent children who are my co-pilots and help me navigate our path through this struggle we are currently in.  I remind my daughter that even though Carter has been “infected”, he is still the same brother she has always had.  That the only thing that has changed with Carter is that he needs a little extra fuel to make it through each day.  This explanation seemed to suffice for now to Ashleigh, and I am happy that she knows when she has another thought or picture regarding Carter’s Diabetes, she always has an ear with me to listen and help her work through her feelings.

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