3 month Diaversary

Carter Hugs, the absolute best!
Carter Hugs, the absolute best!

Wow, honestly I am shocked that today is our 3 month Diaversary! I never thought I would be celebrating an anniversary of a diagnosis. However, today I feel the most accomplished I ever have.  Which, to be honest, is quite the statement seeing as I have birthed two children. My son’s Diabetes diagnosis for me was quite the blow. I can’t adequately put into words the sense of failure I felt and had to shove down in that moment.  I had no idea the learning curve I was to face once we arrived home.  I am still learning with each blood check, and am still in the phase where behind all of the life saving I do throughout my day, I have a very vivid memory of the day in November 2013 that changed my family.  I must admit that those memories keep me steadfastly working as hard as I do to monitor Carter as closely as I can.  Carter’s diagnosis has bonded my little immediate family of four closer than ever, and had assisted us in eliminating any and all outside drama and stress.  This has made our lives better, it’s easier to focus directly on the importance of the situation we have been dealt.   I am grateful for the strength I have been able to witness in my children and husband through this rough time.  I am inspired by the support we all are giving each other as we all have grieved this differently and at different times.  I am encouraged that we are able to get through any and all difficult situations.  I would like to thank my son, Carter, for his courage and tenacity.  My son has inspired me to be more than I ever thought I could be.  Even when he hates it, I watch my son dredge strength from the depths of his soul while he waits for me to measure out his insulin.  My son willingly comes to me when I call, even though he knows it means he’s getting a shot.  Lately my son has been extremely loving, almost like he is here to be my comfort.  When all is said and done, he will hug and kiss me.  Almost as if he’s letting me know he understands it’s necessary to have this happen so that he can feel good and survive.  I also stand in awe of my daughter, my non diabetic child who is along for the ride on this rollercoaster that we all reluctantly got on three months ago.  My daughter has been my encourager, my backbone some days, and my assistant.  Watching how deep she and my son love each other, makes my heart grow each day.  So on this three-month anniversary of Carter’s Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis, I will say that what I am most grateful for, aside from Carter’s life, is the strength that has been displayed from my husband, Ashleigh and Carter.  Their belief in my ability to care for them all is humbling, and that is one thing I will never take for granted.

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