Challenges of having a 20-month-old with T1D

Carter's Serious Face
Carter’s Serious Face

The challenges of having a 20-month-old with T1D have been showing lately in my home. My son who was getting really helpful and adjusting to the shots and such, is now adamantly doing everything possible to hinder the whole process.  Everything is a fight, which is normal, and I’m in familiar territory as I went through this when my four-year-old was the same way when she was his age.  The difference, obviously being that with Carter there’s a slightly more difficult scenario.   When my daughter was fickle with food at this age, or wanted to “graze” all day long it wasn’t a big deal.  But when you are acting as the pancreas and delivering a certain amount of insulin to cover the specified amount of carbohydrate that one is anticipating will be eaten, only to have all carbs shied away from by the toddler, causes a precarious situation.   That has been the scene lately, Carter is in the grazing stage which makes it difficult for me to dose his insulin.  It’s so interesting how these milestones are so affected by the D word.  This past week I have been chasing my little guy with carbs in order to make sure he doesn’t dip too low.  Not to mention, that being hungry and cranky and teething doesn’t help with the patience he needs in order for me to get everything together and done prior to his first bite.  I also find that with being as tired as I have been I am not running on all cylinders.  It has made everything that much more frustrating, not to mention the balance between having an understanding for how frustrating things are for him, yet not allowing abusive terrible two behavior to set in.  The thought that gets me through each day is that this is a phase ad will not last forever.  I am fortunate to have an older child who is non diabetic so that I have a gauge as to when these certain phases will run their course.  Raising a child with Type 1 Diabetes is a challenge, but there certainly are stages when my own frustration and patience becomes the bigger challenge.  I have had to work extra hard this past week to maintain my cool and not get so frustrated that I want to scream.  It appears I have to work just as hard as my son who is starting the terrible twos, at not throwing tantrums during this extra challenging time in our lives.

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