Going Carb Crazy

Ashleigh and Carter - January 2014
Ashleigh and Carter – January 2014

Tonight, as we near the 3 month post diagnosis mark, we allowed Carter to have a night where he was able to go carb crazy. We decided to have one of our family movie nights and have a dinner picnic in front of the TV and eat fun foods. Carter and Ashleigh had the time of their lives.  We broke the meal up into 3 courses and the kids loved it.  I dosed Carter for 60 grams of carb and figured if he were really high at bedtime I would give him a shot to cover what I had accidentally neglected at his dinner dosage.  My son ran around, carefree and was actually able to graze to his heart’s content.  Ashleigh was able to share some of her extra food with Carter and they both loved every minute of it.  My husband and I feel it’s important for Carter to remember that though he is on this tough road having Diabetes chase him constantly, every once in a while he deserves to be a carefree kid.  I hadn’t seen him this happy in a long while.  It made my heart fill with joy and loved watching him come back to the plate over and over again, whether it was to get a fist full of popcorn, an apple slice, a piece of orange, another bite of his peanut butter and jelly sandwich, the buffet was his to command.  At the beginning he looked at me and his Dad, making sure that it was OK to go for it.  Once he realized that we weren’t stopping him, he dove in and relished the freedom.  Turns out, that after all the running around he did, the dose for 60 grams of carb, and a lot of water, at his bedtime blood check he was at 183.  I was so pleased with the joy my children experienced tonight, it gave me and my husband such happiness to watch them be kids and live in the moment.  After all, isn’t that what growing up is all about?  I want for Carter to always be allowed to have the same experiences as all children, be able to indulge and enjoy life.  Now that we are more comfortable and confident in our insulin abilities, we were able to give our son this gift, and at the end of the night, it was really a wonderful gift for us as parents to have a night void of measuring, carb counting, and worry.  Such a wonderful way to end a great day.

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