Pushing Beyond Exhaustion

Carter - October 2013
Carter – October 2013

Today was a really good day for Carter, it’s amazing how the regime has me pushing beyond exhaustion. He had pretty good blood sugars all day, which made me so happy. He played at the park and had a blast, and ate relatively well today. I think most of the success of today was due to him sleeping almost through the night last night, which has been a first since his diagnosis. I woke up on my own at 4:00 AM and he hadn’t stirred since midnight, which is very unusual for him. I panicked! When I went into his room and checked on him he was snug and peacefully sleeping. Then I was overwhelmed with peace, it’s his first night where he was able to sleep undisturbed. I was happy to see him wrapped in such comfort. It’s ben an encouraging week in general, seeing these Olympians who are so fierce and living with Type 1 Diabetes has been wonderful to watch. It’s complete affirmation that Carter will live a completely normal life, and be able to do anything he wants to do.  Having days like today, also helps me see the light at the end of the tunnel.  There wasn’t one moment where I felt the need to throw up my hands in frustration.  Everything seemed to all just flow today.  It was a welcome break.   It’s been amazing to me that even with it being an easy day, I am still so exhausted.  Just the addition of all the monitoring that is required and the stress associated with it all really wears on you.  The immediate irony of this post, is that we just checked Carter’s blood sugar and it was 62.  I guess this is where I throw my hands up in frustration.  But it’s just a costly reminder that we are not at the point yet when I can let anything slide.  This was the first night that I put Carter to bed without checking his blood sugar first.  He ate well and had good number throughout the day so I was going to wait the 3 hours before I checked his blood sugar.  So though we had a good day, I relaxed a bit and didn’t stay 2 steps ahead of Diabetes, a mistake I won’t make tomorrow.

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