This Morning Brought a Low Reading

Ashleigh and Carter - November 2013
Ashleigh and Carter – November 2013

There was more whining this morning when Carter woke up, I had heard it before, I knew what it meant, his blood sugar was low. I picked him up and brought him downstairs, checked his blood and sure enough 62. I find lows a little easier to handle these days, it’s as simple as giving Carter carbs in order to bring him to a safe level. I dished out some yogurt and 8 oz. of whole milk and in 20 minutes he was over 100. I was then able to dose him for the breakfast carbs he was about to consume. I am fortunate, ever since his diagnosis, whenever Carter is too low or too high he comes and lets me know about it. I have become more adept at reading the signs and having been through it a few times now know how to fix both scenarios. To be honest, this was the first time panic didn’t engulf me when I saw a number below 80.  It gave me some comfort knowing that I may be getting more comfortable with this whole Diabetes thing.  Now knowing what to do when there are highs and lows, help me have the confidence to calmly deal with these situations as they arise.  I have gotten to the point where I know how many grams of carb is the right amount for him right now, in order to bring him to a safe level.  Another encouraging thing I have noticed lately, is that Carter is putting on weight.  I am very pleased with that, my sister came over the other day and told me how great Carter looks.  That was so nice to hear, I think we as the caregivers, get so engrossed with the whole process it’s hard sometimes to see the forest through the trees.  Now that it’s been mentioned to me, I too see how great my son looks.  It makes me feel wonderful that I am helping him through this hard time.   Juvenile Diabetes is no respecter of person’s, it doesn’t care if you as the caretaker is tired, or sick of it.  Most times, when you feel you have nothing left in you to give, there will be an extreme high or low, that’s when we as parents dig deeper, and find the strength and courage we need to push harder and do what we have to, in order get the results we need.  This morning with the low reading, I was impressed with how calm I was, reaching into the refrigerator and getting the carbs I know my son will consume in order to up his levels.  I was also so proud of my son, staying so calm and patiently waiting for me to gather all I needed to fix him.  He cooperated and ate his yogurt and then snuggled with me while he drank his 8 oz. of milk.  When he was finished he complied when I took him into the kitchen to check his blood again.  When I was finished and gave him his shot for his breakfast, he leaned in and gave me a kiss.  It was a wonderful moment, this morning I will stay for a bit in that moment, when I felt confident and all-knowing for that particular diabetes situation, and my son had complete confidence in my ability to care for him.  Even with a low at the start of today, I can feel like this is going to be a pretty amazing day.

5 thoughts on “This Morning Brought a Low Reading”

  1. Continued… Allow you to treat them and have full trust in your capability to do so. What a wonderful bond you’ve established with him. A trusting mother-son relationship is obviously apparent.

  2. This brought tears to my eyes. I am so proud of you and so proud of Carter. You are both warriors! I love that he gave you a kiss after his shot. That is so incredible and encouraging! Hugs to both of you!

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