The Benefits of the Older Sibling


My daughter has always been my wonderful helper, and lately I’ve been seeing the benefits of the older sibling when the younger one is diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Ashleigh is at the age where she wants to copy everything I do, so without me even knowing, she is watching my every move. Last night when I was getting everything prepped for Carter’s insulin dose before dinner, Ashleigh took it upon herself to find Carter’s log book and bring it to me. She will sit in the kitchen with us and will distract him while I get his shot ready and while I give it to him. When we are finished with the shot, she assists me in the positive reinforcements I give to Carter for his bravery. I then thank her for her assistance because without her, this process wouldn’t run as smoothly. I watch her beam with pride, she loves being a helper.  It really solidifies the bond between the two of them also, and gives me great confidence that Ashleigh will always be my helper when it comes to Carter’s health, especially when they are out and not in my direct care.  I am so lucky to have Ashleigh here to be my assistant and I know that as they age she will have a bigger influence in his life and will be able to hold him accountable when it comes to his health.  I love watching their relationship blossom and the care that they have for each other.  Ashleigh has been a great comfort to me also, it’s so nice to have a helper and not feel so alone with all the pricks and pokes.  If only Ashleigh knew how special she is to all of us, we tell her all the time but I don’t know if she is aware of how powerful her impact is in our lives.  Her knowledge of what Carter goes through everyday is amazing, and the care she takes to make sure he is OK is wonderful to watch.  There really is nothing like watching your children become best friends!

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  1. She does sound like a very special little girl, and such a blessing! Very true indeed. Nothing is quite like seeing the tender love blossom between young siblings.

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