Just a spoonful of sugar

Carter and Daddy, first hours home from the hospital. - November 2013
Carter and Daddy, first hours home from the hospital. – November 2013

I think one of the biggest misconceptions of Type 1 Diabetes, or maybe even Diabetes in general is that it’s caused by too much sugar in the diet.  I remember feeling the need to justify what I feed my kids the moment the nutritionist walked into the room.  Once we spoke with her and were counseled on what foods typically raise glucose, and were guided to watch the amount of carbohydrates that Carter consumed,  I felt less judged, but stifled for sure.  What options were left when you had to cut the amount of carbs, especially for a growing little boy?  I had heard that I would have to stock my kitchen with pasta and rice as he grows, in order to keep him full.  Along with the injections, the diet factor was extremely overwhelming.  I was pleased to hear from the nutritionist that I feed my children really well and that the only adjustment I would need to make would be measuring out how many grams of each Carter would be consuming.  That was a relief.  However, when you speak with people and they hear that Carter is a diabetic the assumption is that I obviously didn’t monitor his sugar intake, or maybe that I fed my son donuts every morning with a topper of pop tarts.  I must admit that I was nervous about the whole measurement aspect, but once we were home and I started being very vigilant with it, measuring became second nature.  It’s amazing how I can now eye ball 1/2 a cup.   I found the easiest thing for me was to have the whole family placed on Carter’s way of eating.  That makes it easier for me, the cook in the house.  Right now, due to his age he is pretty picky and will only eat certain foods.  I presume, that as he gets older and his pallet grows things will get easier.  It’s been a nice adjustment for my family, I believe it’s benefited us all to be more aware of portions and conscious of what we are putting into our bodies.  I truly believe we will all benefit from this lifestyle change.

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