High Numbers, No Ketones

Mommy and Carter - January 2014
Mommy and Carter – January 2014

So lately, Carter has been having high numbers, but no ketones. Thankfully no ketones, but his numbers have been above 300. He is getting his 2 year molars in, so the inflammation is likely the culprit. I continually am astonished by how amazingly our bodies are made. I have such a new-found respect for the work that our Pancreas does, given that I have been promoted, and Pancreas has been added to my job description. Being face to face, daily, with all the things that can happen to a body with a non working pancreas, who knew that this organ was so beneficial to our existence? Being as exhausted as I am , I watch what I put in my mouth so much more now…..I certainly don’t want to wear my Pancreas out, especially now knowing what it’s job title includes. Today we heard from our Endo and he changed our sliding scale so hopefully that will change the readings for the better. It’s so hard with this age (Carter is now 20 months) and the fact that he isn’t really talking all that much, but generally he is pushing boundaries as it is, to know when he is acting out because he doesn’t feel good or because he is almost a two-year-old. Vacillating between terrible two behavior and whining because he feels like crap, I find myself blowing through test strips. Lately I have been checking his blood sugar 8 or more times a day to make sure he isn’t low before he gets “in trouble.” It’s been great that he hasn’t had any ketones, as this leads to a hospital visit; I just wish we could get a handle on his numbers. It’s unnerving to see numbers over 300 because I know that it wreaks havoc on other areas of the body. I understand we are still in the early stages of diagnosis and are essentially learning through trail and error what works and what doesn’t with Carter’s body. I try to put everything in perspective and realize that have a team of doctors monitoring him. Everything just boils down to having patience, which I have always struggled with. Then it dawned on me, this is much bigger then I even imagined, it’s a growing experience…..for all of us.

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  1. It’s hard not to feel terrible when you make the mistake of thinking your child is just being cranky because they are tired and due for a nap, when indeed they are acting up because their blood sugar is low. There has to be some utility in teaching a nonverbal toddler some basic ASL signs to help them communicate hunger, thirst, pain, etc.
    Perhaps that could take some of the mystery out of their ever-changing behaviors.

  2. Wow, I could relate to everything you said. My daughter is 16 months old and getting her molars. Her numbers since the weekend have been way higher than normal, some well into the 300’s. I asked her endo doctor if teething had an affect on their readings since I know illness does but she said it shouldn’t. I also struggle with trying to figure out if she is just being whiney or if something is actually wrong. It is so difficult when they cant speak.

    1. Hi Ashley,

      I agree, it is so difficult when our children can’t communicate how they are feeling. Then throw Type 1 Diabetes into the mix and some days can feel impossible. I have found with my son, that growing and teething, and pretty much anything that puts stress on the body causes a major fluctuation in his numbers. My son is 2, and I find that anytime he is extremely defiant I will check his blood to see if his behavior is Type 1 related, or two-year-old related. It’s a difficult balance, but as time goes on, you find the right ways to read your child. Hang in there Ashley! I promise things do get easier. 🙂

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