Diabetes felt so lonely, until I met the DOC

Carter 10.29.13
Carter 10.29.13

I remember in the first days of diagnosis, once we were home, though I had the emotional support of my family, Diabetes felt so lonely.  It seemed that though my family was being there for me emotionally, they couldn’t understand what my day was like minute by minute.  It was becoming too laborious to explain all of the time, I could feel myself turning inward.  That is when I decided to start blogging, through that experience I met so many other great bloggers, some of whom introduced me to the DOC (Diabetic Online Community).  It was great to be able to talk with people who had children Carter’s age and let me know what their experiences had been like, and to speak with mothers who have older children, yet remembered what things were like when they were newly diagnosed as well.  It was such a nice feeling to “belong” and to be understood with minimal explanation.   It’s a funny feeling, getting a diabetes diagnosis, and for me it wasn’t one of those things I wanted to just figure out on my own.  I enjoy being able to speak with other mothers of diabetic children and have my feelings validated, like feeling exhausted and emotional were all normal.  Being able to ask questions of them, such as how they deal with feeling burned out etc, is so nice.  It solidified my stance that I will put Carter in Diabetes Camp when he is of age and until then will look into a family camp we can all go to.  I want for Carter to be able to have friends who know first hand what it feels like to be the diabetic.  Though this is a family disease, and we all adjust to it, I want Carter to be able to connect with others his age who understand exactly how he is feeling and what he is going through being poked all the time, or what it feels like to have a high reading, or a low one.  I believe connecting with people who have had the same experience is detrimental to a healthy understanding of living with diabetes.  That was one of the reasons why I started blogging, one to release how I am feeling, but also to link up with others who share my experiences.  One is such a lonely number, I am grateful for the friends I have made post diagnosis, and for their wisdom through experience, that they have so openly shared with me.   It’s amazing to me the community of people with diabetes and how everyone comes together to help a newly diagnosed family.  There has been such an outpouring of love and a mutual respect for each other and what we go through day in and day out.  It’s as though we all have an understanding and common ground without even saying a word.  I have learned more through the experiences that other mothers have shared with me, and those experiences have helped me in some of my times of need with Carter.  From the bottom of my heart I want to thank the DOC for welcoming me and my family with open arms, and for having such a deep understanding of how our lives have changed.  It’s so nice to know that I have you all to lean on when times are tough, I hope at some point I am able to be there for all of you in the same capacity that you have been for me.

For more information on Diabetes Camps for kids, click here. 

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