Then there are the good moments

Disneyland with the kids - January 2014
Disneyland with the kids – January 2014

Even though Carter is still having high numbers, after our third call to the Endocrinologist, we decided to take the kids to Disneyland and we experienced some of the good moments.   It was nice to watch Carter and Ashleigh play together and have a blast riding the rides.  It was really great to watch Greg (my husband) and Carter have some fun bonding time together and laugh.  We were able to get some character time and Mickey really gravitated toward Carter, he knelt down and hugged Carter for a good 4 minutes.  Mickey wouldn’t let go, I turned and apologized to the crowed who was waiting for their time with Mickey and saw 7 of the people had pulled out their cameras and were taking pictures of my son hugging Mickey.  After my apology, they said not to worry about it, and how adorable they thought it was.  It was like Mickey knew Carter really needed some extra love and attention today.  Carter laid his head on Mickey’s shoulder and ate up the love.  It was one of the most touching moments I’ve had I a couple of months and it made Carter’s day.  It was so nice to watch Carter light up and be carefree, as I hadn’t seen him this relaxed in a while.  Even when it was time for me to give him his insulin shot before dinner, he assisted in everything so that he could get on with his fun day.  I cherish these times so much more these days, and am so thankful to have the Disneyland passes that Greg and I decided to get for the kids in early November.  It’s been our escape, being able to take them to a place where, even though insulin follows us everywhere, they are in an environment where they know they can just “be” and have a good time.  I was so grateful for my time today with my family, it was a well deserved day of fun that we all needed, with the added bonus for my children from the characters that they adore.  It’s nice that while in the middle of the storm, there are these days where we are able to escape reality for a bit and create memories that can never be taken away.

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