The Price of Measuring Incorrectly

Measuring issues - 1.30.14
Measuring issues – 1.30.14

Ugh, it’s been one of those days, and tonight I went through three needles and who knows how many units of insulin when I measured incorrectly when mixing two of them.  In order to minimize the number of injections I give Carter, I mix Humalog and Lantus in the evening so that he only has one poke.  The problem is, if you go over a tenth, you have to start all over.  This happened 3 times to me tonight.  I had to squirt the incorrectly measured insulin down the sink, to which made me wonder….why does insulin smell so horrible?  What’s in this stuff?  It got me thinking about the chemistry behind insulin and then I started thinking about what new technologies are being discovered or looked into as I sit here feeding my kids dinner.  I looked into a couple of the newest potentials on the JDRF website (link below) and I am amazed at what research has accomplished thus far.  The strides they are making toward a cure gave me hope that I might see one in Carter’s lifetime.  I had a reflective moment tonight about how the sight of needles evokes emotion in me that I’ve never felt before.  I hate that when my son sees one he winces, preparing himself for the inevitable poke, and for me I think it takes me back to the moment of diagnosis.  I daydream, for a moment, about how wonderful it would be if a cure came out before Carter’s 2nd birthday, wouldn’t that be a wonderful gift.  All these shots would be a distant memory, and then he could just go back to what he knew for 17 months.  This day dreaming is most likely what led to the incorrect measurements, or maybe it was the fact that my son was hungry and saw his plate of food dished up, but had to wait for me to fumble around with the tester, and the testing strip, then write down the number and look at the sliding scale to find out how much to measure etc.  So I feel the pressure of his hunger and try to rush, which results in me wasting.  I could actually hear my debit card start crying from the depths of my purse, trying to calculate how much our next visit to the endocrinologist was going to be now that we would need to order more needles and insulin.  I sat tonight looking through the website, seeing what our future might hold and realized that for now I am Carter’s cure for Type 1 Diabetes, I am what keeps him at his best levels.  Me and his dad, painstakingly measure again and again to ensure that he has a wonderful, pain-free day that can be as normal as possible.  So I sit and look at this research and feel like Carter must when I am preparing his dinner; though he is anxious to eat right then he needs to be patient while I measure his needs into a needle, just as I must be patient and wait for the research to prove successful before there is an end to the needles and pokes in our home.

For more information on current research being conducted, visit the JDRF website and look through their research progress tab. 

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  1. Hi. I’m pretty new T1D mom too. My daughter is four (diagnosed in September). I was just wondering… And please…. I know there are a lot of different procedures so I am not at all being critical. I’m just wondering if your endo said to mix the two insulins ( lantus and humalog) because two different endos told us not too. In fact we needed to use different sites apart from each other. The reason is because the lantus is a different PH which allows it to time release over twelve hours if you mix the two the lantus could dissolve all at once and give a higher dose then expected. If your doctor said to do it I assume there is a reason. But please check because your little guys safety is important.
    I’m right there with you on the stress involved with all of this. My daughter has autism in addition to her new T1D diagnosis so even though she is four it is a lot like caring for a very large toddler. She has no idea what all these injections are for and her appetite is sporadic and foods very limited. Diabetes rocked my world!! This is so hard but finally I am adjusting, learning and everything is getting a little more manageable ( most days…. Lol)
    I’m not so religious but pray for us… We will pray for you. Because we need all the help and strength we can get.

  2. HI MJ, I’m so sorry to hear of your daughters diagnosis. I can understand how hard this is for you, as my son is so young right now and can’t communicate so I have a small glimpse of how hard things are for you right now. It must be so hard having an older child diagnosed. As far as the insulin mixing, I had two endocrinologists tell me to mix. I did mention this morning to the endo the mixing, so we will see. I certainly will keep everyone updated on that. Thank you for your prayers, I will be praying for you and your little one as well. I lean very heavily on my faith the get me through these tough times. It has really helped me with peace, and not feeling so alone. Sending all my love your way and keeping you in my prayers.

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