Activity, Activity, Activity

Carter and Ashleigh at the sand park

Lately, with the recent high blood sugars that we have been experiencing, I remember back to the training we received in the Hospital that pushed activity, activity, activity! These days it’s tough to have Carter be as active as he normally is because he is teething and growing, which means he wants to rest and sleep more. It’s been a little frustrating as well, because I haven’t changed anything he is eating and I am following all of the “rules” about only giving him the carbs allotments that I have dosed for and in between giving him protein snacks. Yet, after waiting 3 hours before checking his blood sugar again, once I do check it his blood sugar has been in the 300’s. I know fluctuations are normal, but once I see a number over 300 I go into sick day mode and start checking for the ketones, pushing fluids etc. Carter looks at me like I’m nuts, I guess he’s feeling OK, but again it makes it all so much more frustrating since he isn’t talking. Then having to play the guessing game all day is exhausting so the thought of packing everyone up to go to the park is the furthest thing from my mind. Today I must take my kids to the park, if for no other reason to ensure exhaustion at bed time.  Due to teething, Carter has been up 4 times throughout the night, which also makes him exhausted during the day.  I find that when I do take them to the park, Carter wants to spend most of the time in the stroller because he is too tired to play.  It all feels like this vicious cycle, one that I have been through with my oldest when she was this age, just not with a diabetes diagnosis attached.  It’s amazing the little tweaks that need to be made with a child who is diabetic.  I feel as though most days I can’t just let Carter “be”, like I need to promote activity, and push water.  Then again, should I just leave him alone, for the most part, and cover a high at meal time with extra insulin?  So many questions go through my head daily, and I know that as I get more acclimated with all the what if scenarios, I will be less frazzled.

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