Juvenile Diabetes Frustrations

Carter, hanging out at home – July 2013

One of the biggest Juvenile Diabetes frustrations I struggle with the most, is when people, be it family or friends, down play the complicated life you now live.  In the two and a half months that we have been living with my son’s diagnosis, I have had friends tell me how much easier my circumstance will become.  I know they mean well, but as I struggle day in and day out with the bevy of variables that Type 1 Diabetes brings, it can feel like I’m being placated.  I think what unnerves me the most, is when people who have never had anyone in their lives struggle with Type 1 Diabetes are giving me advice about how much easier things will become.  Not being in the position, I presume that people do this because they don’t know what to say, and instead of saying nothing they try to be positive.  However, it equates to trying to relate to someone who is actively going through chemotherapy.  There is no way to relate if you’ve never been through it, and trying to relate to it can be precarious.  The best advice I can give, is just to say sorry and maybe touch on how hard it must be to manage insulin everyday.  That should suffice and would really make the caretaker feel good, that really is what people want to do in the long run, empathize in some form with the person who is struggling with taking care of a child who has been inflicted with a disease that requires daily shots.  I think we as a society need to stop always trying to put ourselves unnecessarily in other people’s shoes, and with certain instances we need to realize that there is nothing we could possibly do to relate.  Most times this calls for sympathy, not empathy.

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