Diabetes and the Flu!

Carter's 1st Birthday, his nap after the party - Pre Diagnosis
Carter’s 1st Birthday, his nap after the party – Pre Diagnosis

Having diabetes and the flu can be a scary thing.  Since we just weathered through the flu in our house, I now look back the ordeal with an enlightened mind.  This was the first “illness” that my son had post diagnosis and I will say that it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be.  In the hospital, when he was diagnosed, the nurses spent two whole days teaching my husband and I about sick day management.  From checking blood sugars every two hours, to watching ketones with every diaper change, I was terrified of the first serious illness we were to encounter.  My son ran a fever for 24 hours straight, and luckily was keeping fluids down.  Then he threw up a few times and had diarrhea, all in all everything was OK.  I monitored his blood glucose levels, which due to him fighting the bug were high, and monitored his ketones (he had only slight ketones present in his urine), beside those two factors it was like basic flu management.  The one frustrating thing, I found, was the fact that his blood sugars were a lot higher.  I’d be doing everything right, and he would still need 4 shots a day.  It was hard to not feel discouraged, like I was doing something wrong.  All in all, we made it through, and I must say the biggest thing I’ve gained after this diagnosis for my son, was a new found appreciation and respect for the Pancreas!

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